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Retail and Other Services

You Have Rights If Your Retail Employer Lays You Off

Those employed in the retail, food and medical industries are seeing jobs disappear in high numbers. Experiencing a job loss is one thing for them. Being suddenly let go without the benefit of advanced notice as required by the Worker Adjustment and Retaining Notification (WARN) Act makes a bad situation that much worse.

Attorneys Jack A. Raisner and René S. Roupinian of Raisner Roupinian LLP strive to make a bad situation better for clients in New York, New Jersey, California, Ohio, and throughout the United States.

If you have been displaced from your job following the closing of the restaurant, store or medical facility that employed you, Contact Us at 1-866-544-9945. You may be entitled to compensation under the WARN Act.

Champions for Employees in the Retail, Food and Medical Industries

Jack A. Raisner and René S. Roupinian champion the cause of hard-working retail employees shocked by a sudden mass layoff. Retail companies throughout the country have felt the brunt of our aggressive approach in holding them accountable for violations of the WARN Act. Those include a leading consumer marketing company, a major printer, and a corporate training services facility.

Aggressive Nationwide WARN Act Litigation Practice

At Raisner Roupinian LLP, our plaintiff employment law practice is well known no matter where you reside or where your former employer is based. Whether you float from various stores or restaurants or you travel as part of your job, you are still entitled to WARN Act benefits if your particular work site shuts down unexpectedly.

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