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Oregon WARN Act

Workers in Oregon are protected by the Federal WARN Act, which requires certain employers to give 60 days’ notice before a mass layoff or plant closing. Additionally, Oregon state law requires employers to provide notice to the Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development when carrying out a mass layoff. Companies that violate the law may be held liable and required to financially compensate affected employees. The seasoned WARN Act attorneys at Raisner Roupinian LLP will work to vindicate your rights if your employer violates the law.

The Federal WARN Act applies to mass layoffs or shutdowns in the following situations:

  • Employers must have 100 or more full-time employees who work more than six of the past 12 months and average over 20 hours a week (note that most government employers are not covered).
  • For a Mass Layoff: 50 or more laid-off employees at a site comprising over a third of the workforce at a site are terminated (500 or more do not need to meet the 1/3 ratio).
  • For a Plant Closing or Shut Down: 50 or more employees are let go from the shut worksite.
  • Workforce reductions within a 30-day window are combined into one Mass Layoff.
  • Workforce reductions within a 90-day period may constitute a Mass Layoff, if the threshold layoff numbers above are not met within a 30 day period.

Does the WARN Act apply to me?

If you are confused by the statutes associated with federal and state WARN Acts, you are not alone. Your best strategy is to consult with a seasoned attorney at Raisner Roupinian LLP. We are one of the only employment law firms in the nation, solely focused on WARN Act cases all over the country.

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