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Manufacturing and Transportation

Protecting Laid-Off Manufacturing & Transportation Employees

The manufacturing and transportation industries are rife with layoffs. At Raisner Roupinian LLP in New York, New York, attorneys Jack A. Raisner and René S. Roupinian focus on this complex practice of employment law. We read about plants closing every day in Ohio, New Jersey, California, New York and around the nation. Many violate the Worker Adjustment and Retaining Notification (WARN) Act. That is where we come in to protect your rights if you lost your job.

If you work in the manufacturing or transportation industry and your job has unexpectedly disappeared, Contact Us at 1-866-544-9945.

The WARN Act Can Help You during a Difficult Time

If you are part of a layoff that involved 50 or more employees at an industrial site, such as a textile factory or warehouse, the WARN Act protects you. If you lose your job following a mass layoff at a mine that involved 50 or more employees and it represented one-third or more of your work force, contact Raisner Roupinian LLP. If you and 500 of your co-workers from a single mill site are downsized, WARN Act attorneys Jack A. Raisner and René S. Roupinian can help. If 50 or more employees were let go from your industrial or transportation workplace, call us.

Recognizing the Plight of Manufacturing and Transportation Employees

Representing a quarter of mass layoffs that trigger the WARN Act, the manufacturing industry sees companies in constant violation of the WARN Act. An unstable economy resulting in recession has forced transportation outfits that include airlines and trucking companies to downsize in mass.

At our firm, we believe that industrial and transportation employees are the backbone of labor throughout the country, and we are diligent about protecting their rights and fully promoting their legal interests.

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