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See Our Clients’ Results

It’s important to recognize that past success does not ensure future results. But past success is one of the first questions people ask when considering lawyers. And, rightfully so, because past success implies experience, quality, and effectiveness.

Our WARN Act practice is alone in obtaining several settlements of $10 million or more. Below is a list of our recent settlements. A complete list our multi-million dollar outcomes can be seen here.

Many companies do not want to find themselves on our list. So they do the right thing – they provide WARN Act notices to their employees. We applaud them. But, when they don’t, we apply pressure so that money is given to our clients when notice was not. That’s when our experience counts.

Recent Settled Class Action Cases

QIMONDA – up to $35 Million Settlement

FirstMed EMS – $2.6 Million Settlement

Dowling College – $2.4 Million Settlement

Peregrine Financial Group, Inc. d/b/a PFGBest – $1.85 Million Settlement

HomeBanc Mortgage – $1.75 Million Settlement

ClearEdge Power – $1.3 Million Settlement

EverGreen Recreational Vehicles – $1.2 Million Settlement

Metadigm Services, Inc. – $1 Million Settlement

Corinthian Colleges, Inc. – $900,000 Settlement

Crowne Architectural Systems, Inc. – $900,000 Settlement

Colortree Group, Inc. – $500,000 Settlement

Level Solar – $400,000 Settlement

Fortunoff – $340,000 Settlement

Ideal Mortgage/Lend America – $300,500 Settlement

Past success does not guarantee future results.