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Update 2/05/2020

In the wake of hundreds of store closings last spring, and Shopko’s non-payment of severance to certain employees, we were retained by to protect their interests of many of those employees on behalf of the entire group in the Shopko bankruptcy. We have been retained by many Shopko employees with unpaid severance claims who worked in Wisconsin, Nebraska, Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, Washington, Minnesota, Utah, South Dakota, Colorado and other states. We filed an Objection to Shopko’s Chapter 11 Plan that has lead to an exploration by Shopko and Raisner Roupinian of a resolution of the severance pay claims. We are continuing our investigation of Shopko’s actions in all states in furtherance of a favorable resolution of this matter as Shopko’s bankruptcy heads into its wind-down phase.

If you are an affected employee, Raisner Roupinian LLP can provide you with updated information regarding your rights in this case. To contact us regarding this matter, including to update your address and telephone number, please fill out our form using the following link: contact us