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Employees of Hospitals and Medical Service Providers Are at Risk of Losing Their Jobs Without Adequate Notice

Hospital and other businesses that provide medical services to patients often employ hundreds of employees. Unfortunately, when such businesses struggle financially, the employees may be furloughed, laid off, or terminated in a shutdown. Workers whose duties previously consisted of tending to the needs of patients may find themselves being asked to assist in winding down operations, transferring patients to another medical care provider, or otherwise closing down the business instead of providing medical care.

An employer that violates the law may be liable to pay you and each laid-off co-worker up to two months of pay and benefits. During the difficult period after a layoff, Raisner Roupinian LLP can help vindicate your rights.

In cases where the employer files for bankruptcy and lays off employees, the timing of events can have a significant impact on what employees may be able to recover. A bankrupt company usually lacks the means to pay all creditors in full, including employees. In such cases, you may want to consult with the experienced attorneys at Raisner Roupinian LLP to discuss the best way to pursue legal remedies.

Raisner Roupinian LLP Can Help

The attorneys at Raisner Roupinian LLP have represented thousands of employees in the medical field who have lost their jobs when their employer filed for bankruptcy. These include the former employees of Univita Health, Inc., Louisiana Heart Hospital, American Ambulette & Ambulance Service, Inc., (“FirstMed”); Radius Specialty Hospital, TransCare Corporation, and TransCare New York, Inc.

If you are part of a layoff affecting at least 50 employees who work at, report to, are based out of, or receive assignments from a single site of employment such as a command center, central office, or terminal, your employer may be required to give 60 days’ written notice to you and your co-workers prior to the layoff. If you and at least 50 of your co-workers from a single site are downsized as part of a shutdown, the WARN Act attorneys at Raisner Roupinian LLP can help. If you experience job loss in a mass layoff, furlough or shutdown, or you suffer the reduction of more than 50 percent of your work hours during a six-month period, you may have a WARN Act claim and should contact Raisner Roupinian LLP.

At Raisner Roupinian LLP, our WARN Act team is well known and nationally recognized, and will represent employees no matter where they reside or where their former employer is based. Whether you float from various locations, work in the field, or you travel to different sites as part of your job, you are still entitled to WARN Act benefits if your particular work site shuts down unexpectedly, or you are laid off without adequate notice. Our attorneys will work to identify the decision-makers and corporate entities responsible for the decision that resulted in the loss of your job, and we will protect your rights under the law.

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