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It's important to recognize that past success does not ensure future results. But past success is one of the first questions people ask when considering lawyers. And, rightfully so, because past success implies experience.

Our WARN Act practice group is alone in obtaining several settlements of $10 million or more. The list of dozens more multi- million dollar outcomes (see below) further underscores the quality and effectiveness of our attorneys' experience. Our list includes companies big and small.

Many companies do not want to find themselves on our partial list, below. To avoid it, they do the right thing - they provide WARN Act notices to their employees. We applaud them. But, when companies ignore the law, we apply the pressure to get the money our clients must be given when notice was not. To do that effectively, our experience counts.

Deciding Which Firm to Represent You and Your Co-Workers

You've just learned that you've been laid off or terminated without cause. You are frustrated, hurt, and maybe angry. It seems unfair, but is it illegal? Under the law, some employers must give 60 or even 90 days' written notice to their employees before ordering a mass layoff or company closure. If an employer does not give the required written notice, it may owe the terminated employees up to two months of wages and benefits.

You Didn't Have a Say in Your Layoff, but You Do Have a Say in Who Represents You to Recover What You are Owed.

When you are deciding whether to hire a law firm to pursue your rights, it's important to choose a firm with a proven record of success1 in similar cases. You shouldn't retain the first firm who contacts you, but the firm who has the experience, resources and proven track record to seek the recovery you're entitled to under the law.

What should you consider when deciding who will represent you and your former colleagues? Here are some questions you should ask:


Outten & Golden's WARN Practice Group, which specifically focuses on WARN Act cases, has prosecuted and resolved more than 100 WARN class action claims in bankruptcy and district courts. Together, its WARN lawyers have over 40 years of collective experience at all levels - from bankruptcy court to the U.S. Supreme Court.

You should feel free to ask the lawyer you're speaking with: "How many WARN Act class actions have you litigated?"

If your employer has or may file for bankruptcy, you should feel free to ask: "What experience do you have litigating WARN Act cases in bankruptcy court?"


Outten & Golden's WARN Practice Group has successfully represented tens of thousands of laid off employees in a variety of industries, including health care, trucking, retail, technology, manufacturing, medical services, mining, mortgage brokering, higher education, sales, and solar energy. Together, we have been able to obtain monetary recoveries through judgments and settlements for our clients2.

Outten & Golden's legal skill and experience has not only led to monetary compensation to laid off employees, it has resulted in significant changes in the law that benefit employees. For example, in 2016, we successfully argued a case before the United States Supreme Court, on behalf of a class of more than 1,800 truck drivers who lost their jobs when their company suddenly filed for bankruptcy. Other parties in the bankruptcy case arranged a settlement that cut out the drivers leaving nothing for them despite their priority position. We appealed the decision all the way to the United States Supreme Court, which decided that the settlement violated bankruptcy law. The Supreme Court's decision is considered one of the ten most important bankruptcy decisions ever decided and has resulted in greater protection for terminated employees who are seeking to recover what is owed them in bankruptcy courts across the country.


With over 60 lawyers in offices across the country (New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles) and licensed in every federal circuit, we have the resources to represent laid off employees in any state. Our WARN lawyers have practiced in state, federal, appellate, and circuit courts all over the country. Additionally, our decades of collective experience in WARN law means that we have a wide network of local law firms that we work with to achieve the best representation possible - Outten & Golden's lawyers are nationally recognized as leaders in WARN Act litigation, and we retain experienced local counsel who know the particular rules and practices of the courts where the cases are filed.

Settled Class Actions cases

Alliance Bancorp Settlement - $1 million Settlement

AFA Foods Inc - $1.65 million Settlement

Alliance Bancorp Settlement - $1 million Settlement

American Home Mortgage - $6.5 million Settlement

Archway Cookies/Catterton Partners - $4 million Settlement

Black Angus Steakhouse (GRA Liquidation, Inc.) - $76,500 Settlement

Caritas - $2.65 million Settlement

ClearEdge Power - $1.3 million Settlement

CODA Automotive, Inc. - $430,000 Settlement

Continental AFA Dispensing Co. - $1.5 million Settlement

Columbus Steel Castings Company - $2.1 million Settlement

Continental Promotion Group - $575,000 Settlement

Convergys Customer Management - $250,000 Settlement

Corwood Laboratories, Inc - $500,000 Settlement

CQMS Razer Settlement - $650,000 Class Settlement

CS Mining - $1.1 million Settlement

Data Listing Services (The Connection) - $250,000 Settlement

Delta Financial Mortgage - $2.525 million Settlement

Dewey & LeBoeuf - $4.5 million Settlement

EOS Airlines - $1.7 million Settlement

Excel Storage Products - $622,000 Settlement

First Magnus Settlement - $3.725 million Settlement

FirstMed EMS - $2.6 million Settlement

First NLC - $400,000 Settlement

FNX Mining - $975,000 Settlement

Fresh & Easy, LLC - $2.2 million Settlement

HomeBanc Mortgage - $1.75 million Settlement

Kitty Hawk - $1.4 million Settlement

Lamar Construction Company - $2.2 million Settlement

Lehman Brothers Holdings

LenderLive Network, Inc. - $2.4 million Settlement

Louisiana Heart Hospital - $824,750 Settlement

Mazer/ABMD - $303,000 Settlement

Metadigm Services, Inc. - $1 million Settlement

MF GLOBAL - $5 million Settlement

Monaco Coach - $10 million Settlement

PEMCO World Air Services, Inc. - $275,000 Settlement

Quaker Fabric Corporation - $1 million Settlement

QIMONDA - up to $35 million Settlement

Rivet Software, Inc. - $200,000 Settlement

Rhythm & Hues Inc. - $1 million Settlement

Sacred Heart Hospital - $360,000 Settlement

Solyndra LLC - $3.5 million Settlement

Taylor, Bean & Whitaker - $15 million Settlement

The Connaught Group - $675,000 Settlement

TWL Corporation - $650,000 Judgment

WL Homes, LLC d/b/a John Laing Corporation - $938,250 Settlement

[1] Past success does not guarantee future results.

[2] Past success does not guarantee future results.