Find Out if Your Layoff or Furlough Violated Your Rights, Even in the Pandemic.
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Furloughed? Placed on temporary layoff? Does that mean you’ve lost your job?
During the Covid-19 pandemic, employees are being told they’re “furloughed” or “temporarily laid off” without realizing their jobs are actually gone. Suffering the financial shock and indignity of an unexpected loss of work is awful. But confusion only makes things worse. If you are on a “furlough” or “temporary layoff” without a return date, you may be left guessing whether you still have a job. It may deter you from seeking unemployment or a new job. But it should not stop you from finding out if you are eligible to obtain up to 60 days’ pay and benefits under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act.

The WARN Act is a notice statute and its purpose is to bring clarity when you are caught in a mass layoff, shutdown, or furlough. WARN is violated when the termination notice comes too late, or never comes at all.

You may have lost your job – regardless of what your leave is called. You may be due compensation under WARN law specifically because you were wrongfully kept in the dark about keeping your job. Learn more, here.





The WARN Act Protects You

The WARN Act protects hard-working employees from employers who terminate employment without proper notice. When employers eliminate a workforce, they need to abide by certain laws and regulations. When they fail in that obligation, your rights may be violated.

Don’t Let Your Employer Violate Your WARN Act Rights

Few employees are aware of their rights under the WARN Act. Employers have the opportunity to exploit that lack of knowledge. That is where our seasoned attorneys can help. Jack A. Raisner and René S. Roupinian are committed to not only informing employees of their rights, but also aggressively representing them to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve.